“The Todd” in the News!

Site name and News Updates-

Some of you may be wondering about the site URL, “thetoddorr.”  Well, funny story is that Todd has been jokingly called “the Todd” by friends for years.  More on that later.  And toddorr.com was used when we got a request to put an update page together, so just ran with thetoddorr.com!  Anyway, it appears I have been in the news.  Since most of them did not ask for permission to run his video, I guess that is what happens when you post a video like on Facebook and it goes viral!   Oops.  Here are some of the news stories:

And the list goes on.  Many of you that represent the news have asked for interviews, and Todd will be reaching out to those of you that have contacted him soon.  If you have an interview request, please submit it via the contact form.  Please forgive his inability to reply, the last few days have been hectic and painful.

Thanks for reading and following!

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  • Julie EngleOctober 7, 2016 at 1:46 am

    Todd you are truly blessed with a very large and tired guardian angel!! I pray everything heals just beautifully and with no problems.

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