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Welcome!  My name is Todd Orr.  I am the owner and knifemaker of Skyblade Knives.  The entire operation is a one-man show.  No untrained, inexperienced employees, and no assembly lines.  Just me!  I have been handcrafting custom knives since 1987.  Each and every knife is made from the finest materials and built to last a lifetime.  I guarantee it!  Click here to view the knives.

If you’re not ordering up a knife, I think you need to brows through my website a bit longer and read the Facts and FAQ’s page.  Discover the quality and learn about the lifetime warranty.  The blades are hollow-ground from an American-made todd-knife1stainless steel by Crucible.  Crucible CPM S35VN stainless is the latest premier stainless steel on the planet.  It has exceptional strength, edged-holding, and stainless properties.  I also use CPM S30V and CPM 154 stainless is desired.  Blades are heat-treated and temerped to 61 RC for superb edge-holding, strength and durability.  The handles are handmade from quality, top grade hardwoods, bone, antler, and compsites and are glues to the knife with an industrial-strength, waterproof epoxy and then pinned.   The leather sheaths are handmade by Madison Saddlery from real, genuine leather of exceptional quality.

Still not sure? Need more?  Check out the testimonial page here.

Still reluctant!?  Call or email me (Editor note:  TODD ORR will not be able to return emails or phone calls until he is recovered from his recent bear attack) now with your questions or concerns.  I’ll honestly do my best to make you a  knife that you will never regret buying!

Thank you!

Todd Orr

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