Audio Interview: A Bad Day In Bear Country – Todd Orr’s Horrific Grizzly Encounter

A Bad Day In Bear Country – Todd Orr’s Horrific Grizzly Encounter

Todd has been asked repeatedly to answer some of the common questions and recount his grueling attack.  Todd took the time to do this special edition interview for The American Warrior show, with his cousin Mike Seeklander, the show’s host.

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Show #41  –  This is show number 41, an American Warrior Show special edition. This show covers the horrific attack experienced by Todd Orr, who was attacked not just once, but twice by a sow grizzly bear in Montana.

In this interview, we discuss: 

  • Todd’s background and childhood.
  • His love of hunting, fishing, and outdoor sports.
  • Todd’s grueling attack by a Grizzly bear, including details he has not talked to anyone else about!
  • Attack number 2, and how he survived.
  • Todd’s thoughts on bear spray and why it didn’t work.
  • Why Todd did not use a gun (a common question).
  • Todd’s opinion on what should happen to the bear.
  • An unbelievable story!


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Comments (3)

  • Rachel SavageOctober 15, 2016 at 6:26 pm

    GREAT interview! I thank you for sharing your experience; bear attacks are my worst fear backpacking in Montana and your knowledge and survival ideas will definitely be in my mind when I’m out exploring!

  • Joe NeumanOctober 18, 2016 at 11:38 pm

    Hi Mike, It’s Joe from McAllister, Mt. You did a great job interviewing my Pal Todd. Very professional and concise. Much better than a lot of the media outlets could do………..Thanks! Todd is the toughest Mountain Man I know. I appreciate his friendship and yours.
    I hope to see you on the Lake again this summer. Joe 🙂

  • Rik StedhamOctober 21, 2016 at 3:19 pm

    The audio interview was great!!!! As Todd spoke, I had questions and as the interview went on every question was answered!!!! For example….would he go back to the place it occurred? He answered not this year! I also was curious about the safety of the other person that he said was there in that area that day….he answered. I realize Todd doesn’t like the publicity that has come from this but what he endured and how he reacted could and will save lives in the future. I do have one question…..I’m from Alabama and frequent Gatlinburg Tennessee and their have been a growing number of either encounters or attacks. The Forrest service personnel states that if an attack occurrs to fight with all of your might! That seems to contradict what Todd did…is that because of the difference between black bears and grizzly/brown bears?

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